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To elope is an act of love and rebellion, a spontaneous escape from traditional wedding norms, where two individuals decide to marry without the elaborate ceremonies and fanfare associated with conventional weddings. It embodies a sense of adventure and intimacy, often involving a secret getaway to exchange vows privately or with a select few witnesses.

Eloping allows couples to prioritise their connection over societal expectations, avoiding the stress and expense of a large wedding. Couples who elope often share a deep bond and a sense of unity, making their decision a poignant, deeply personal moment. It's a reminder that the essence of marriage lies in the connection between two people, rather than the size of the guest list or the extravagance of the celebration.

What does elope mean?


Choosing Elope to capture your wedding can ensure that your elopement is captured in a way that is both artistic and emotional.

The stunning landscapes and romantic settings of Scotland provide the perfect backdrop for our cinematography, and we have a keen eye for capturing the unique moments and emotions of each wedding.


We can help you with the planning process from access to our 'Black Book' of suppliers through to full wedding planning with one of partner planners.


Our approach is personalised and tailored to each couple, ensuring that the film truly reflects the individuality of each couple's special day. With their expertise and passion for our craft, Elope can create a truly unforgettable film that will be treasured for years to come.

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Why Us?


If you want to plan your elopement and want to book us to film the event, this is the option for you.


If you need help with your elopement planning, we can give you access to our handpicked suppliers that will work with you to create a day you will never forget.  We will also check availability and pricing so you just need to decide who you want to work with.


If you want someone to plan your whole elopement, we work with some of Scotland Premier elopement planners so can introduce you to them to let you sit back in the knowledge that they will use their industry contacts to build you the perfect elopement experience.


(including filming)


Eloping to Scotland can be a wonderful option for couples who want a private and intimate wedding ceremony. Scotland's breathtaking landscapes and romantic settings provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable elopement. The country's lenient marriage laws make it easy for couples to get married quickly and without the stress of planning a traditional wedding.

Scotland's rich culture and history can make the experience even more meaningful and memorable for couples who want a unique and unforgettable wedding experience.

Why Scotland?

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